Welcome to ElPuas Digital Crafts!

Founded by Alfredo Navas and Catalina Valverde, and recently joined by Gianfranco Navas-Fernandini, we are a small boutique web development firm crafting digital experiences with love and precision. Specializing in custom and commercial websites for small to mid-size companies, we leverage the power of WordPress and React to bring your visions to life.

With offices in Costa Rica, Miami, and Rome, we serve clients worldwide, offering not only bespoke solutions but also white-label services to agencies seeking top-tier web development for their clientele.

Alfredo brings over 15 years of expertise, having developed websites for Fortune 500 companies. Catalina, a seasoned journalist with a production background, ensures our projects resonate with compelling narratives. Gianfranco, our frontend expert, adds depth to our team’s capabilities, ensuring cutting-edge designs and functionality.

At ElPuas Digital Crafts, our ethos is simple: “WE CODE DIGITAL CRAFTS FOR HUMANS.” Each project is imbued with care, creativity, and craftsmanship, delivering not just websites, but unforgettable digital experiences.